Medical Transport Taxi Service

Whether you need transportation for a doctor’s appointment, recurring medical services, hospital discharge, grocery shopping, or travel to the airport, Suburban Transportation is here to get you there with our medical transport taxi service. We have a full fleet of taxis fully equipped with safety guards to protect our passengers and taxi drivers. Our medical transport taxis also have the latest GPS systems to ensure we take the quickest routes.

Every member of our medical transport taxi team is chosen based on their experience and history of compassionate care. Our experienced taxi drivers are specially trained on the best sanitization practices to ensure our vehicles are clean and comfortable for you every time you ride with us. We’ll provide you with full, curb-to-curb service to and from your destinations. Suburban Transportation medical transport taxi drivers will assist you into our vehicle, into your destination, and help you throughout your ride to make sure you have a comfortable and reliable method of transportation. 

We recognize that our riders deserve special care. We believe everyone should have a reliable method of medical taxi transportation. You can expect to be treated with respect every time you ride with us. Suburban Transportation will always do our absolute best to accommodate you during transit. We are Upstate New York’s trusted method of medical transport taxi service for a reason. Let us show you why. Contact Us

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Non-emergency medical taxi transportation services.

We support our local community by providing a reliable method of safe medical transport taxi service. You can count on Suburban Transportation if you or your loved ones need assistance to and from regular healthcare checkups, doctor's appointments, mental health visits, and more. We have a full fleet of taxi vehicles and a compassionate team waiting to take to get you where you need to go. Our passengers are our priority. Don't delay, schedule a ride today!



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1340 East Water Street
Syracuse, NY 13210.

112 Morris Road,
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Common Passenger Destinations.

Bedside-to-Bedside or Doctor side-to-Doctor side, Suburban Transportation offers safe non-emergency wheelchair and stretcher transport to and from various destinations. We provide reliable transportation and a range of services to these types of destinations below.

Adult Day Services

We can transport to & from adult day programs.

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One-Day Surgeries

Single-day surgeries that require you to get transportation home.

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Hospital Discharges

Ready to leave the hospital and head home?

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Dialysis Appointments

Get transportation to your dialysis appointments.

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Mental Health Visits

Safe, reliable transportation to your mental health appointments.

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School Transportation

Transportation for students with special needs.

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Reoccurring Services

Schedule transportation to the next few health appointments.

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Medical Appointments

Non-emergency medical transportation to appointments.

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