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  • Client:Mary V.
  • Location: Liverpool, NY
  • Type of Service:Reoccurring Medical Appoinment
  • Tags:Transport, logistics

Mary V.

“Suburban takes excellent care of me!  They make it easy to get to and from the treatments I need to feel healthy.”

Mary was in her 60’s when she was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease or ESRD as a result of high blood pressure.  At the time of her diagnosis, she would often feel weak, sick, and required the help of a wheelchair to get around. Mary was in a challenging spot.   Three times a week, she required in-center hemodialysis and needed reliable transportation that would be flexible to her critical schedule and accommodate her wheelchair. 

“Coordinating transportation to my dialysis treatments required a lot of planning because my appointments alone could take up to four hours,” Mary said.  “My daughter would drive me when she could, but my dialysis days were long, and because of her work schedule, we needed another option for the days she was working.” 

Mary and her daughter Aubry found Suburban Transportation through online research.  They discovered we would accommodate her wheelchair, and schedule rides in advance. This was a massive plus for them!  After reading several positive Google reviews, they felt comfortable calling us to schedule a ride for one of Mary’s upcoming appointments. 

“First impression, super friendly, super helpful, and easy to talk to,” Aubry said.  “The dispatcher was extremely patient and pleasant. The driver arrived early and greeted us with a big smile.  He helped my mom and her wheelchair into the vehicle with excellent care.” 

Mary’s treatments continue to this day.  Her health improves with every visit, and Suburban Transportation continues to support her with convenient transportation.  

“Suburban takes excellent care of me!  They make it easy to get to and from the treatments I need to feel healthy.” Mary says.

It was our pleasure to support Mary, and we’ll do the same for you.  If you need safe, secure, and reliable transportation, give us a call (315) 437-0058 or CLICK HERE to schedule a ride.  Suburban Transportation is here for you.